Confident In Nearness

I had my head down watching my steps as I made my way up the trail of the small hill. Avoiding a fist sized hole, I stopped to check my footing. Looking up I could see the deer. She was eating and hadn’t yet taken note of my presence. I stood still enjoying the private moment. When it was time to push on I was able to approach near enough she finally side-stepped further away from the trail. To my amazement she never ran away, she simply watched me pass on by. I wondered what made her so confident in my presence.

This thought kept tumbling in my mind as I sought the solitude of being alone with my Father. I began to think about His promise “draw near to God and He will draw near to you”. I thought about the deer’s confidence to know I meant no harm and thought about my Father’s heart toward me. To understand my Father only sought the best for me I could appreciate how approaching His throne didn’t seem so frightening. I didn’t have to run at the first sign of His nearness.

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