The Big Question, “HOW DO I HELP?”

My husband and I have been wrestling with this question for so many, many years! At first it began with helping our kids, helping our family, helping our neighbors, helping our church, helping the homeless and then it moves on to trying to help those you have never met face to face. The many questions that run through our minds and offered in prayers seem endless. Everyone has an opinion and at times it becomes almost overwhelming to the point of inaction for what needs to be done in the moment.

Lord, we are on our knees asking how to help those most in need, today!  Guide our funds into the hands of those who would help the widows, orphans, hungry and destitute. Help us to move beyond thinking we need to fatten ourselves, comfort ourselves, entertain ourselves and we speak to ourselves first and foremost.


A light layer of dust on the packed dirt was just enough to allow a good shuffle for my naked soles. The ground flat and smooth was well lit beneath a full moon. Here in this place I could be alone with the one who would dance with me. No embarrassment, no shame and no worrying what anyone else would think of my moves. Like a little girl I could twirl with my Father’s hand holding my own. My laughter pleased Him and His eyes were full of love and joy; making me dance for Him all the more.

My ears were flooded with music, each song just as good as the next….”Dance with me oh lover of my soul, to the song of all songs…dance with me, I want to be your partner can’t you see, the music is just starting and I am falling, dance with me, I can take you where you want to go…You steady me, slow and sweet, we sway…you spin me round and round, and we dance”

*Dance With Me, Chris Dupre, Dance With Me, Orleans, We Dance, Bethel Music