Carry A Child

I watched the woman with white hair walk slowly in the morning sunshine. Next to her was a tiny girl child with a sun hat. The child’s height barely reached above the woman’s knees. With each step the woman took she was careful not to let the girl child fall behind. It was clear even from my distance; the woman was encouraging the child to keep moving forward as best she could.

I had no idea how far they’d come or how long they had walked. They both stopped momentarily and I could observe some kind of conversation. The woman seemed to be encouraging the child to keep going further. Instead the child reached up to ask if she could be carried for a while. With gentleness the woman scooped up this tiny girl child, carrying her out of my line of sight. Leaning back in my chair I knew I had seen something precious.

Where I Come To Fully Know

I stand before the mirror trying to understand. I am not seeing who I really am just yet. Yes, I see the flaws, but also the hope. If I look deeply enough into my own eyes, I can see the dreams that burn in my soul. While in this state of observation, I hear His Word, “For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.”*

Looking at the mirror, I picture it steaming up with moisture. I imagine if I can wipe it with a clean towel perhaps I’d see myself as I really want to be seen. If I wiped hard enough perhaps I’d see the face of Jesus looking back at me. Laughing, I walk away from my own silly thought. My reflection will never be perfected by my own efforts to wipe away anything.

It’s time to find that quiet place once again; the place where I can be still and let myself be known; this is where I come to fully know.

*1 Cor 13:12

The Noise Will Fade

I heard a quiet Voice and my feet move toward the whisper. I desire to get closer. Other voices distract me. They shout loudly. They vie for my attention, making me strain to hear the quiet Voice more clearly. My steps slow and I pause. I wait to hear the whispering Voice once more. Eventually the noise will fade.