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Living With Ugly

Jun 26th, 2011 by debrabee | 0

I knelt down on the cement, putting my hands to the task before me. Our potted garden needed pruning. I began clipping off unhealthy stems while the sun beat down upon my body. The heat didn’t bother me as my mind began to replay the week I’d had. Thoughts came in pieces. I tried once […]

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Jun 23rd, 2011 by debrabee | 0

The room was very small. It was designed for those who would wait. I was impressed by the number of magazines but didn’t care to read any of them. Looking around the few walls and books, I found obvious confusion. There was a bible on a table in the corner, but also the stature of […]

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Language Of Love

Jun 20th, 2011 by debrabee | 0

Over and again I played the notes to a song no one would hear. My eyes grew watery with passion, wanting to play my heart for the Lord. My audience of One. He alone could draw me out into the open to be who I knew I was. He moved my fingers in worship. Words […]

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Salt & Pepper

Jun 19th, 2011 by debrabee | 0

Gears were grinding for us both. His outward expression for the moment was to clean his rather disarrayed desk. Mine was to watch him closely, playing the oddball music tune while running fingers through my hair. The years we had shared didn’t make either of us think we should take each other for granted. I […]

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Prodigal Conversations Of The Mind

Jun 18th, 2011 by debrabee | 0

“He falls and covers his face with his hands because he is ashamed of his shame”…André Gide (1869-1951) from The Return of the Prodigal Son My eyes are drawn to this truth written in a sentence from a century ago. The writer is bold in trying to interpret the story of the prodigal son. He […]

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No Fee For Healing!

Jun 17th, 2011 by debrabee | 0

I wandered hallways of luxurious buildings with fancy furniture and expensive artwork. My friend had no money and she was far from living a life of luxury. Yet here we were to find her medical help. Going from one building to another, I felt sorrow in my soul for how we’d corrupted ourselves to make […]

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Jun 16th, 2011 by debrabee | 0

A moment…that’s all it took. Just a moment and there I was; standing in a whitewashed wooden porch room, alone. A few notes of music sent me back in time. I remembered the small room; about the size of a walk in closet. I had been playing a record. I sang with the tune. Later, […]

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Help Son Win The Battle

Jun 15th, 2011 by debrabee | 0

She awoke with a jolt. The sheet was wrapped around her legs tightly and she knew how much she’d tossed and turned in the night. The room was dim and looking at the clock, the digits read to be just after sunrise. She lay still for a few moments trying to understand what her unconscious […]

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Full Access To His Heart

Jun 14th, 2011 by debrabee | 0

We had looked across the wide valley to see white cotton clouds making their way over the tops of other mountains. In the warmth, I could see a layer of smog over the lowlands. I wondered what this view may have been in years gone by; in times before industry had begun belching out large […]

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A Fallen House

Jun 12th, 2011 by debrabee | 0

A writer writes about what he knows. I’ve heard that many times over the years. On this particular day I was hiking a short distance to see the dream home of a prolific writer from the early 1900’s. Jack London was a man who lived adventure in order to write about it. It was a […]

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