A Need To Share

A co-worker told me I just had to go see this movie! I don’t know her well but something about her passionate sharing intrigued me. Her excited words to me were, “It has a good message!”  The movie was called “The Book Of Eli” with Denzel Washington in an apocalyptic setting. I rarely see television or news these days, so I went in blind, not knowing what to expect.

I walked away with a sense of wonder. The world depicted in the scenes was so devastated and desperate. Water was a premium to existence and the treasure carried by the main character was a book. I realized why my co-worker was so moved. She saw glimpses of truth and felt its hope within the depths of her heart. Her passion was the passion of all who find hope….a need to share it!


“I’ll stand in front of you, I’ll take the force of the blow….protection….”

A song I listen to now and again. When I first heard it, I didn’t listen to a word. It was actually drawn into my attention a little at a time. With each new lyric I found myself finding reasons to drive around just so I could absorb it.

These words have sunk deep into my sense of understanding. When the worst of what life can offer comes at you like artillery, it’s good to have a shield to cover you. Without my protection I would have been ripped to shreds and left for dead.

My own self-protection has been exposed to the elements. It’s useless at this hour in my life. Nothing of myself is going to hold anything at bay. Come what may, I am counting on a promise.

Pro 30:5b  He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him

She Awaits

She dances in a meadow, her dress is simple and of white cotton. No shoes hinder her feet as she spins with grace. Her hair, full and supple, surrounds her head like a crown of glory. Its length flows like a dark waterfall about the shoulders. Her very smile is perfect and without worry or pains. Freedom is hers. This is her truth. This is her space in time. Laughter is hers for eternity. Love is her heart forever.

She awaits.

Surprise Me Most

“Ask Me of things to come” was in print across the top of the page. Sometimes the most obvious things can be hidden until needed. I let the book lay open on my desk while I went to get my pen. My journal was about done for blank pages but this seemed worth pouring out onto the last of them. I started asking.

I stopped after filling a page. Laying down my pen I leaned back and closed my eyes. I didn’t really need to write anything down but it was a good exercise to remember a few thoughts. It didn’t take me long to figure out the deeper things in my heart were being held back. It wasn’t my own revelations I looked forward to. I am counting on the One who knows me best to surprise me most.

Psa 37:4  Delight yourself also in the LORD, And He shall give you the desires of your heart.

Hidden In The Cleft

I cry out to be hidden in the cleft. The storms upon me tear at my heart. They want to take apart my resolve. They whip around me trying to remove my peace. I run to my shelter, my refuge. Here I am to remain until I am shown the path, where my next step is to go forth. I will wait, being of good courage, my strength will come again. When the hour is darkest, I will sing louder still, knowing my praise will bring the light of hope.

Shadow Dancing

A few musicians played, flowing music, spiritual outpouring. I could only hear the hearts of their instruments and voices. In the huge auditorium there was no one present to impress. They had no audience except the “Lord”.

I felt humbled again to be invited to participate in this private concert. So often lately I ask, “why me?” I keep hearing “privilege.” I sat against the wall of an arch representing a portal and putting my pen to paper I lay down words that seem so simple for the depth I sense.

The lights were low and looking around I saw a most beautiful dance. A figure dancing in abandonment to a joyous music he alone could hear. Because I was so far away, all I could make out was his silhouette. My mind recorded this shadow dancing. Done in beauty, done in secret, done for a glory no one in this earth was meant to see. I was indeed privileged to have observed it.

Why Was I Even Born?

“Why was I even born?”

It’s a question I hear now and again. Matter of fact, I’ve heard myself ask it in years past. The years when I lacked identity, lacked hope, lacked truth. All I could see was the dismal existence I dwelt within.

The story of Ester rings in my heart. Being of another people, she had no mother nor father, but an uncle cared for her. When the king of the land began to look for a new queen, she came to his attention and was chosen to be queen. Her heritage of belonging to another people did not seem to be of question at the moment.

Soon disfavor found her people and they were all to be put to death. The uncle who had raised her in his own house came to speak to her. He asked her to intercede with the king in hopes of finding favor for their people, that lives would be spared. She knew her life would be in danger to go without summoning before the king.

Her uncle reminded her, although her life may be spared in the short term, in the long run she would still find demise. He sealed his words of wisdom into her heart with, Est 4:14 “For if you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance shall arise for the Jews from elsewhere, but you and your father’s house will perish. And who knows but that you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this and for this very occasion?”

I don’t question anymore why I was born. I know. I know the timing of my existence has importance and I play a significant role to others around me. Where it may cost me my comfort and even my life, I must lay down my agenda to exist for my own purposes and choose the higher calling. I was born for such a time as this.

Compassionate, Healing….Business?

An afternoon turned upside down with a mere phone call. My own agenda was set aside and I traveled without any idea of what to expect. A new way of living and I learn to roll with it. I didn’t know if I’d need to stay so I took a bag with me and hit the highway. I had much time to wonder and ask questions, even more time to just listen and worship.

I found where I was supposed to go and within mere minutes of conversation I confirmed what I already knew. Little hope lived in this place. A heaviness lingered. Entering the room I heard machines humming. A television was spewing useless noise so I asked to have it turned off. It was time to sit down quietly and love.

Upon leaving I could finally understand in my heart why Jesus overturned the tables in the temple. Dishonor and injustice had found a comfortable roost where they did not belong. My tears broke in the hallway and I could not find my way out in the maze. I didn’t bother to hide my hurt.

If people’s hearts had openly shared hurt in that temple of long ago, would the powers that were in charge have been so quick to let the temple turn into a place of business? I wondered at the mission statement I had read over the doorway as I entered this place…compassionate…..healing? There was even a cross embedded into it. When I asked the greeters if they were women of faith, I was told, “No, just women in pink.”

Still they labeled this place to have been based in faith. To my own eyes it looked like a business. Instead of “money changers” they had the “ATM machine”.

Mar 11:15 …….Jesus entered the temple area and began driving out those who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers………..

Can’t Tarry

I must go, time to go, can’t tarry.

Hush, sit for a moment

She’s waiting, mustn’t make her wait

Be still for a moment

I don’t want to let her down

You won’t

Won’t she know I’m not there

She knows where your heart is

Okay Lord, I trust what you say

I am Faithful and True