Compassionate, Healing….Business?

An afternoon turned upside down with a mere phone call. My own agenda was set aside and I traveled without any idea of what to expect. A new way of living and I learn to roll with it. I didn’t know if I’d need to stay so I took a bag with me and hit the highway. I had much time to wonder and ask questions, even more time to just listen and worship.

I found where I was supposed to go and within mere minutes of conversation I confirmed what I already knew. Little hope lived in this place. A heaviness lingered. Entering the room I heard machines humming. A television was spewing useless noise so I asked to have it turned off. It was time to sit down quietly and love.

Upon leaving I could finally understand in my heart why Jesus overturned the tables in the temple. Dishonor and injustice had found a comfortable roost where they did not belong. My tears broke in the hallway and I could not find my way out in the maze. I didn’t bother to hide my hurt.

If people’s hearts had openly shared hurt in that temple of long ago, would the powers that were in charge have been so quick to let the temple turn into a place of business? I wondered at the mission statement I had read over the doorway as I entered this place…compassionate…..healing? There was even a cross embedded into it. When I asked the greeters if they were women of faith, I was told, “No, just women in pink.”

Still they labeled this place to have been based in faith. To my own eyes it looked like a business. Instead of “money changers” they had the “ATM machine”.

Mar 11:15 …….Jesus entered the temple area and began driving out those who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers………..

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  1. Had I not known that you had been to see my much loved sister on her death bed I would not have known you were writing about her. I have only one thing to say to you. JUDGE NOT LEST YE ALSO BE JUDGED. My sister had her own relationship with the Lord. And thank God that he is our final judge.

  2. I feel that confusion has arisen. This article was never about the one I love lacking hope. Hospitals everywhere are filled with the sick and these are the places which should have the most hope, but that’s not the case. When we care more about procedures then we do about comfort and compassion then perhaps we need to re-examine our society values.

    I do not and will not examine a person’s relationship in the Lord so if any inference was taken from this article I openly apologize and ask forgiveness for offense taken.

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