Sound The Alarms

Alarms have been going off in our house for a couple months; odd times and different systems, no rhyme and no reason. These things can get my attention so I took note of it enough to ask questions and wait for a response.

I heard a response loud and clear yesterday. I was supposed to find a specific song. I was familiar with it because I like to listen to the artist. This time I was meant to do more than sing this song, I was meant to hear it.

I am not the only one who should hear it….

Sound the alarm

Gather the people

Gather the elders

Let the ministers wail

Take back the years that the enemy’s stolen

Lord you are coming with a holy visitation

We return to you fasting and weeping and mourning

Oh My Lord you’re returning

We lie here weeping between porch and altar

Pour out your spirit on your sons and your daughters

We lie here weeping between porch and altar

Pour out your spirit on your sons and your daughters

Send the alarm

Awaken the watchmen

Open their ears let their voices be loud

We prophesy You’ll come to this nation

We prophesy You’ll touch this generation with a holy visitation

We dance, we shout, we lift up our voices

Let your kingdom come down

I was made for war

I was made for battle Lord*

(* Holy Visitation, by Rita Springer)

Antidote To Pride

Proclaim the good news of His salvation
Righteousness goes before You
I have also trusted in the LORD
Do not lean on your own understanding
Eyes of your heart be enlightened

Let It Burn!

A smoke plume came from a thick stand of eucalyptus trees. It was raining steadily. I turned my car toward the distant plume and parked at the end of an alcove. I was fascinated…..a fire burning in the rain…I could only watch it for a few minutes but my heart felt energized.

A fire is coming, one that will not be quenched by nature in any form…let it burn!

My Husband

I was wary and he treaded lightly.

I suspected and he came without blame.

I hurt and he cried for me

I couldn’t find peace and he played a song

I am different because He loved me

Sending Out An S.O.S.

One of the most famous bands of our era came at us with a song that appealed to the longing of our hearts….that we were not alone.

I’ll send an S.O.S. to the world
I’ll send an S.O.S. to the world
I hope that someone gets my
I hope that someone gets my
I hope that someone gets my
Message in a bottle, yeah
Message in a bottle, yeah

Walked out this morning, don’t believe what I saw
Hundred billion bottles washed up on the shore
Seems I’m not alone in being alone
Hundred billion castaways, looking for a home*

By definition SOS are also the letters represented by the Morse Code signal used as an international distress signal; a call or signal for help.

Over 2000 plus years ago a song of songs was written about love; a message of love. The song is called Song of Solomon.

Interesting coincidence of an acronym or is it the very message to the world we’ve been looking for?

Son 2:4b  ….and his banner over me was love

* The Police – Message In A Bottle

Tagged Bridge

It was just a bridge near the path I was on, but today it caught my eye. Someone had gone out of their way to tag it recently. Nothing fancy or interesting, just a first name and a number. I wondered about the artist. Did he/she lack attention to the degree he/she needed to rebel against decorum and local laws in order to make the statement, “I am here!”

We walk in a sea of pain all around us. The sea being those who feel either unnoticed or unwanted. I confess my own blindness in this area. On any given day I can walk on either side of such pain but I know the balm to such lies in my feelings. The balm is truth. I am never alone and I am never unwanted.

We Are Only Human

“We are only human!” These were the same words sung from two different songs I heard today. One was by a Christian artist and the other a secular artist. I didn’t separate the two thoughts since they both carried the same heart. A longing to be so much more, yet an understanding how much we can fail in our weaknesses.

What does it really mean when we are crying out about our humanity? Our very soul recognizes the need for saving grace. For a love beyond anything we can ever produce within ourselves. How painful to know what might be, and yet to finally understand we will never accomplish it in this plane of existence.

The easy answer offered to all comes under attack from the one who seeks our destruction most. Christ is love and to come to that understanding seems so simple. The liar recognizes this and puts a burden called “religion” on top of the very name meant to give hope.  It’s time to peel back that suffocation and reveal once more the pure message of love.

The Storekeeper

My clothes were shabby as I stood outside the store waiting for its opening. Others were coming to the sidewalk. They were dressed in fine linen and carried themselves as though important. I stepped aside as glances in my direction made known that I didn’t belong here.

A rattling of the locks made all aware it was time for the shop to open. The storekeeper opened wide the doors, and with a huge show of fanfare, smiled and waved for all to come in and partake of his wares. One by one the persons who had come after me, pushed past in a rush to enter in. Barely did they notice anything of me except to offer silent contempt.

Being last, I started to enter the doorway but the storekeeper stepped in front of me to block my coming in. The smile was gone and judgment stared from his eyes at me.

“You don’t look like you have any money on you. Well do you?” he asked snidely.

I could not lie, “No sir, I am not carrying any money.”

“Then you are not welcome. Go away from here!” His finger pointed to the road out front.

I turned away and walked out to the road. Some gravel had gotten into my worn shoe tread and I kicked the asphalt a couple times until it fell out with the dust. Putting my hands in my pockets I could feel my small book and the pouch of gems I carried. I could hear many voices behind me filled with awe and wonder at the storekeeper’s perishable goods.

I did not look back.



Our past is in this word

Our now is in this word

Our future is in this word

Hold onto this word