We Are Only Human

“We are only human!” These were the same words sung from two different songs I heard today. One was by a Christian artist and the other a secular artist. I didn’t separate the two thoughts since they both carried the same heart. A longing to be so much more, yet an understanding how much we can fail in our weaknesses.

What does it really mean when we are crying out about our humanity? Our very soul recognizes the need for saving grace. For a love beyond anything we can ever produce within ourselves. How painful to know what might be, and yet to finally understand we will never accomplish it in this plane of existence.

The easy answer offered to all comes under attack from the one who seeks our destruction most. Christ is love and to come to that understanding seems so simple. The liar recognizes this and puts a burden called “religion” on top of the very name meant to give hope.  It’s time to peel back that suffocation and reveal once more the pure message of love.

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