Dance In Her Freedom

Soaking in the melodies of beautiful music, I open my eyes to enjoy the celebration happening all around the large auditorium. My attention is drawn opposite of where I am sitting. Far from me I can see a woman having two flags in her hand. Lost in her worship she spins and moves in a rhythm all her own, waving her declarations of love. I find the intimate act of this worship touch my spirit.

Behind her is a large wall where the flags of nations are posted on stands. They are softly lit by low light, but today I notice this light to reflect five arches. The woman is dancing back and forth in front of these nation symbols beneath the arches of light. I take note of the flags in her hand. Both are without detail except in solid colors. One is white and the other red. I hear in my heart, “the purity of My blood offers grace”.

I watch her for a long time. She knows how to dance in her freedom.

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  1. Yeah, I wonder what that would feel like — I have done it once or maybe twice in my life. I usually feel something like it while I am running. I like the song “Dance like nobody is watching”. How long will I withhold the expression from my child within?

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