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“Lite” Or “Light”

Aug 31st, 2011 by debrabee | 0

We can offer “lite” truth or be the “light” of truth with our speech. Lite may seem like the right answer in the moment, but people will walk away unsatisfied with the shallowness of what we have said. Offering the true light in what we speak may seem much heavier in the moment, but people […]

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Friends For This Hour

Aug 29th, 2011 by debrabee | 0

How many friends will take you to the mat in love? How many will hold you down until you drown to your selfish thoughts and desires? How many of your friends will call you out in truth? This is the hour we need to know who our friends are. Friends How many of us have […]

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Will You Contend?

Aug 28th, 2011 by debrabee | 0

A movie came out several years ago called, “The Contender”. A woman invited to be raised up for leadership over the country had her name and character assaulted. Men of power levied innuendo and rumors for their own agenda. She was given multiple opportunities to come to her own defense and at one point was […]

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Listen To God Breathe

Aug 27th, 2011 by debrabee | 0

“Blow mighty breath of God”…I had to eventually get out of my car, but nothing in me wanted to leave this place. I had parked under a tree far away from the crowd. It was enough to roll down the windows letting the breeze pass over me, and really “listen” to more than words….. Blow, […]

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The Great Pretender

Aug 26th, 2011 by debrabee | 0

Norma looked at her reflection in the mirror. It had been another long night. Her face was puffy and blotched from crying herself to sleep again. Reaching for her makeup she began to apply the white cream with experience. She knew how to cover the pain. A loud knock upon her dressing room door; the […]

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Absorbed Into Truth

Aug 25th, 2011 by debrabee | 0

“I know about you but what about Me?”….* Moving closer I can only see the One who matters. My need to exist in my flesh fades into nothing as I am absorbed into His truth. * Lyric from Opinion by The Fixx

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Aug 24th, 2011 by debrabee | 0

Water drew me near. I needed it. I wanted it. At the ocean’s edge, salt spray covered me. I had taken off my sunglasses. My vision had become blurred through them. I enjoyed both the sun rising and the sun beginning to lay low. Here I found peace in the rhythm of waves. The river […]

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Questions Of A Child

Aug 23rd, 2011 by debrabee | 0

A child asks questions without inhibition. This is wired into them as a natural response for how they are meant to learn about the world around them. The good parent will understand this need to grow. They nurture the child to ask and seek continuously; assuring the child will come into fullness of understanding. Other […]

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His Eyes

Aug 22nd, 2011 by debrabee | 0

He looks at me. Seeing deep into my heart I feel His probing questions. I wait for the answers. I try to be still and not squirm under His penetrating gaze. In my weakness I desire Him to look away. He is relentless to refuse my request. His eyes upon me continue to burn away […]

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Closer To The Heart

Aug 21st, 2011 by debrabee | 0

Just a song, but recognize who we are in these words. We are the ones who hold high places. We are those that forge and plow through our creativity. We are the ones who can sow a new mentality. We are given all the tools to succeed but God, in His love and sovereignty, will […]

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