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Look At My Timepiece

Dec 31st, 2009 by debrabee | 0

“Come in closer and look at my timepiece.” It’s an offer none would refuse if we really knew Father Time was going to show us the number of our days, right down to the very second. What kind of choices would you make differently if you really knew? The end of a decade is upon […]

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Sharp Dressed Men

Dec 30th, 2009 by debrabee | 0

They came to the door dressed very nicely, looking extremely cold. Although there were two, only one young man spoke. He seemed kind, but asked me perfunctory questions we both knew neither to be interested in hearing the answers. Moving on quickly to their agenda, he asked me if I was interested in learning more […]

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Uncontrolled Leap

Dec 29th, 2009 by debrabee | 0

Control….we want it, we need it, we won’t let go of it without absolute dire circumstances calling us to release the reins! Remember some of those old cowboy movies where the runaway stagecoach would take a turn for a bad situation and the only solution was to let go of the reins and jump? It’s […]

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And The Day Was Promise

Dec 28th, 2009 by debrabee | 0

And the day was promise, all to be done was live it and look for the gifts given. Nothing more needed, no effort of ourselves.

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Love, Love, Love

Dec 27th, 2009 by debrabee | 0

Songs can find their way into my very soul. For quite a long time I’ve had an old Beatles tune hum itself to me….Love, Love, Love…All you need is Love… It speaks to me in a simplicity I can’t describe. When I sing it to the youngest member in my family, he just gets it […]

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Steps In Unison

Dec 26th, 2009 by debrabee | 0

I threw on some sweats, grabbed a favorite t-shirt and a thin jacket with pockets. My hair was a wreck but I didn’t really care. Spending time with my husband was good as we headed out to a favorite place. Walking beside him I smiled inwardly when I noticed our steps to fall in unison. […]

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The Only Gift I Have

Dec 25th, 2009 by debrabee | 0

The dawn is yet to be. My home is quiet and I sit writing in the light of a sole candle. Even as I gaze upon it with wonder, the flame increases as though it longs for me to notice its power and brightness. Today marks the birth of my King in our western culture. […]

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Christmas Hijacking

Dec 24th, 2009 by debrabee | 0

My husband told me the bank shut down our Visa card on Christmas eve morning and I had to wonder about the users across the world. What made them so desperate for flowers and tech toys to use stolen credit?  Was it for them? Was it gifts for another? Either answer didn’t satisfy my curiosity. […]

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Took The Words Out Of My Mouth

Dec 23rd, 2009 by debrabee | 0

“And you took the words right out of my mouth, it must have been while you were kissing me”…..lyrics from a Meatloaf hit from quite a while back. Only one line to echo in my head at strange times and I wondered about it. Our mouth is where our speech comes from and is also […]

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Trimming For Healthy Green

Dec 21st, 2009 by debrabee | 0

My plants have been giving me the “look” and I am wondering if I can do right by them. I love greenery but it’s never been my forte to have a green thumb. For me to keep plants alive and relatively healthy takes some thought. My thoughts are to buy the hardier ones that literally […]

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