Sharp Dressed Men

They came to the door dressed very nicely, looking extremely cold. Although there were two, only one young man spoke. He seemed kind, but asked me perfunctory questions we both knew neither to be interested in hearing the answers.

Moving on quickly to their agenda, he asked me if I was interested in learning more about their book of faith. I let them know I was already a believer and loved my book just as much, I didn’t need this one. A few more perfunctory questions and with a look, I could see the “training” kick in for the ready interrogation. Why wouldn’t I want to read or learn more about the book they wanted to share?

My test was at hand. I have seen this scenario more times in my life than anyone would ever know. Only one thing came into my heart. I was to share love. I was not meant to argue about a book. I did not have eyes which could peer into one’s soul but I knew The One who did. I declined further discussion and spoke a blessing over them.

I don’t know what they were thinking but they stopped trying to challenge me and politely nodded, turning away. Watching them walk to the next house on the sidewalk I could only hope them to be warmed on the inside.

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