Trimming For Healthy Green

My plants have been giving me the “look” and I am wondering if I can do right by them. I love greenery but it’s never been my forte to have a green thumb. For me to keep plants alive and relatively healthy takes some thought. My thoughts are to buy the hardier ones that literally wilt so you know when to water them. I had to trim some this week and it’s never easy for me to cut away on them even though I know it will help them be healthier.

As time carries on I can reflect on the many ways I am being “trimmed”. There are weeks when it feels traumatic at best and like I’m dying at worst. I am grateful my husband can recognize when I am wilting and helps me to drink of the water I need for sustenance. He is sensitive to know when I need more of the Son as well and opens wide all windows and doors for a free flow of the energy which brings my foliage back to life.

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