The greatest acclaim I can ever ask is none for self. As I open my mouth to declare aloud the name Jesus, I garner the applause of heaven. What greater audience could there be? I offer the minor works of my hands, laying them at the feet of my Father. To my enjoyment, He grabs me up to squeeze me in His approving arms saying, “well done my daughter”! The approval of others is irrelevant.

The Race Of Champions

The race began before I was born, in places I had never visited. I noticed the race by divine appointment only. I’d heard a trumpet call to come near, an invitation to cheer on champions who were engaged in the running. At first I stood behind the fences observing these mighty athletes, but curiosity drew me forward. I wanted to get closer to the action. What I saw both frightened and inspired me. Each champion clearly ran with purpose and their eyes were singularly focused upon the trophy alone. I watched some stumble and fall so hard I couldn’t imagine them to ever be able to rise again. To my amazement even the most wounded champions arose to keep pushing towards the goal.

While my eyes watched these champions I could hear a whispered voice asking me to help. I didn’t know how and then I saw the bucket of water nearby. Reaching for it I grabbed some cups and stepped out from behind the fence line. One by one I filled the cups and handed them to each champion as they raced toward the finish line. The bucket never seemed to empty and the champions kept coming.

Faith And The Mustard Seed

I laid the necklace out on my desk before me. A friend had given me this gift a couple years back. It was a simple round disc with the word “FAITH” stamped into its metal and had an attached mustard seed. I reviewed the meaning of faith as the world defines it with a dictionary…confidence or trust, belief that is not based on proof, belief in God. A pastor had recently put his hand upon my head and shared that the Lord was giving me the faith to move mountains. I agreed and continually I practice growing in my faith.

Closing my eyes I become a child of vision, seeing things as they could be and praying in faith for them. I speak healing of cancer and sickness, freedom from bondage, salvation of souls, unity of hearts and love beyond measure. Humming a song, I hear the words, “I see forgiveness overtaking hatred, pride & prejudice now giving way to love, I see depression replaced with joy and gladness, and satan’s lies now bowing to the truth…do it Lord, do it Lord, we are praying that Your glory may be seen.” *

* Lyrics by Travis Cotrell, Do It Lord


The Wind Of The Lord

The birds float on my strength, playing on the swirls of my breath

Those who notice are amazed

I blow through the leaves, sounding out my presence

Those who notice are amazed

I stir up the waves, declaring my power

Those who notice are amazed

I breeze through the fields of bright flowers, spreading my scent of goodness

Those who notice are amazed

When I grow quiet, they are amazed who take notice

I AM the WIND of the LORD