Faith And The Mustard Seed

I laid the necklace out on my desk before me. A friend had given me this gift a couple years back. It was a simple round disc with the word “FAITH” stamped into its metal and had an attached mustard seed. I reviewed the meaning of faith as the world defines it with a dictionary…confidence or trust, belief that is not based on proof, belief in God. A pastor had recently put his hand upon my head and shared that the Lord was giving me the faith to move mountains. I agreed and continually I practice growing in my faith.

Closing my eyes I become a child of vision, seeing things as they could be and praying in faith for them. I speak healing of cancer and sickness, freedom from bondage, salvation of souls, unity of hearts and love beyond measure. Humming a song, I hear the words, “I see forgiveness overtaking hatred, pride & prejudice now giving way to love, I see depression replaced with joy and gladness, and satan’s lies now bowing to the truth…do it Lord, do it Lord, we are praying that Your glory may be seen.” *

* Lyrics by Travis Cotrell, Do It Lord


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