One Of The Few

I read the words over and over, “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few”. Tilting my head back I closed my eyes preventing tears from dropping onto the pages. How could it be that so few would labor for the promise of eternity? I reached for my cup of tea, taking a small sip of the hot liquid. I gazed out the window letting the words work in me. Was I really willing to be one of the “few” spoken of?

In the quiet I could hear a clock ticking on my desk. Time was quickly passing and so many falsely believed they had plenty of it. It was time to get busy.

* Luke 10:2

Began To Fight

I lay still in the early morning. Most days I would chase the sunrise, but my heart felt tender and soft. Any gentle breeze might stir my emotions. Quieting my mind, I listened to the ambient sounds while pulling a pillow closer to my face. The room grew brighter with the daylight. A song began to play in my mind…“can you hear me, is someone there, am I losing my mind, am I losing my mind, am I all alone, won’t you rescue me, talking to myself, staring at the sea”.

Taking a deep breath I could feel the heaviness of those who had no hope. I grabbed once more for the truth and began to fight for them.