Shadow Dancing

A few musicians played, flowing music, spiritual outpouring. I could only hear the hearts of their instruments and voices. In the huge auditorium there was no one present to impress. They had no audience except the “Lord”.

I felt humbled again to be invited to participate in this private concert. So often lately I ask, “why me?” I keep hearing “privilege.” I sat against the wall of an arch representing a portal and putting my pen to paper I lay down words that seem so simple for the depth I sense.

The lights were low and looking around I saw a most beautiful dance. A figure dancing in abandonment to a joyous music he alone could hear. Because I was so far away, all I could make out was his silhouette. My mind recorded this shadow dancing. Done in beauty, done in secret, done for a glory no one in this earth was meant to see. I was indeed privileged to have observed it.

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