Full Access To His Heart

We had looked across the wide valley to see white cotton clouds making their way over the tops of other mountains. In the warmth, I could see a layer of smog over the lowlands. I wondered what this view may have been in years gone by; in times before industry had begun belching out large plumes of pollution.

My Ipod had been playing music but none of the songs seemed to match my heart.  I turned it off and slipped it into my back pocket. People wandered about us, but I had no interest to engage conversation and avoided eye contact. My husband took my hand and led me along a forest trail. As we walked on pine needles, I listened to what he was sharing.

We were changing and our interests seemed to be going in new directions. It had been awhile since I had asked him of his dreams. He almost seemed hesitant to speak them aloud and chose his words carefully. I wanted to poke around in the depths of his thoughts, but I took care to be minimal with my words. I wondered what the future held in store for either of us. I wanted the world for him. I wanted him to be as happy as he desired. I wanted him to live out his dreams and his passions. I also wanted something of him for myself. I wanted to know I could go anywhere in his heart. I wanted full access. While he walked, I watched him in secret and wondered if he really knew how much he was loved…

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