Truth Of Surrender

You call me to come away. To follow wherever You lead. Step by step I move along taking large leaps into Your unknown. Opening my eyes, You show me the truth of surrender. How easily I acted in obedience to the large steps, but there were little foxes in my garden I had allowed to roam free. In Your mercy You taught me the need to watch carefully all of my garden. Lifting the vines I could better see the roots. You exposed where my allowances for foxes had been causing spoilage to the yield of my fruit.

New awareness enveloped my heart and I looked again at my surrender. Partiality would never due. You want all of me. Nothing of hindrance should draw away my eyes from watching You, from adoring You. You are jealous for me and I ravish Your heart. My garden can no longer be compromised by the little foxes. Your love is too great a treasure. A renewed diligence emerges by Your grace. The little foxes can no longer roam free in my garden meant for You.

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