Covered In The Stench

We sat in a coffee shop talking about our lives and what Jesus was doing in us. Upon our table were a few books we had brought to exchange. A woman passed by more than once trying to ascertain what we were about. She had been sitting alone in a corner. Finally she worked up her courage to gather up her things as though to leave. She came to us and asked about one of the books. “What is the kingdom?”

I and my friend shared as best we could to explain the kingdom of God. The woman didn’t really seem all that interested in our answers and began to tell us matter of factly what she knew it to mean. We listened to what she was speaking but I could sense a wariness come upon me.

I had asked her name and she declared how important names were that I would want to know hers. Suddenly she began to question us about God’s name. She seemed eager to make her point and asked for a bible which we gave her. She couldn’t find what she wanted in them. Once more she dismissed any answers we shared and talked of her own knowledge that was only accurate in her special bible.

I sat quietly while her and my friend discussed the trinity. I kept wondering at her lack of warmth and love when she shared the Word. There didn’t seem to be any life in it, just eagerness to dispute. Her need to be proven right was evident but we remained gracious, avoiding any contention. She eventually left us with a vague commentary about how she “knew” what was correct.

I thought about how much Jesus loved her. We made our way to my car and began to pray for her. Her knowledge would be a powerful tool for truth, but not so long as it was covered in the stench of religion.

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