People Get Ready

I was listening to a song this evening I can’t say I’ve ever heard more than a couple times in my life but its message delivered itself to my heart. “People get ready”, and then words to share how easy it was to come aboard.

I saw some incredible people share stories from their lives this weekend in powerful ways. One of these was given by a young man who said he didn’t come to the Lord even though he knew he was being called because he thought he needed to get clean first. In my heart I knew exactly what he was talking about.

Even though I am living the changed life, now and again, I can still hear that whispering voice from my enemy lying to me for what a failure and disappointment I am; I should just give up because I will never be good enough. These are the days I carry the word everywhere I go so I can remember my heavenly Father’s promises.

I know I am with a people who are getting ready and I too encourage all to come aboard, no matter what state they may be in.

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