Throw Out A Lifeline


Did you see the man drowning in the swells of the surf? Did you come with the lifeline to save him? I only ask this because of something I was reminded of in the quiet places of my heart this weekend. I try to get together with others on a regular basis for celebrating the goodness of our heavenly Father and over time I began to notice faces I’ve grown fond of.

I was missing a friend’s smile and pleasant chatter at these gatherings. I knew a little bit about them; we’d shared some meals, laughs and heartfelt chats about our hearts and even our hurts. We’d even shared a few tears in private moments. My heart had been tugged to call them but the email stopped working and the phone had been disconnected.

I am not one to barge in on anyone’s privacy so I wrote a card not answered. Eventually I was curious enough to drop by unannounced (shocking first for me too!) and left my card on the door. I never heard from my friend. I had a free day this weekend without plans, my favorite days, and yet I still managed to roam on a clock and map not of my making. I once again was taken to this door to leave yet another card with my phone numbers.

Driving away I felt sad but knew I had done what I was meant to. My friend finally called tonight and after a few minutes of chattering, I knew them to be in the midst of drowning in the swells of distraction and feeling disconnected. Throwing them a lifeline, I am sure this is a rope that must be held tight; time to bring them back to the shores where the Rock is. They need to steady their feet once more in a place of love and encouragement.

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