First Cut Is The Deepest

I really thought I should write about the Easter thing but who am I to tell another about a celebration? I can only keep following my own path as I am shown the way. What I love about my journey is kind of a double edged sword pierced into my chest. The one blade cuts deeply into my heart causing change and the other edge cuts into my past hurts so I finally begin to see with clarity how many ways I need this change. Both cuts cause blood to flow but I know it’s not my blood that matters.

My Savior’s life on the cross, as He bled for me, is what I am being healed by. I think it was the 70’s when Rod Stewart crooned, “the first cut is the deepest”. As I move on in my life, I realize the wounds I have suffered never have touched me as deeply as the first time Jesus pierced my heart so I could begin to live a life that mattered. His first cut was the deepest.

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