Mood Music Or Art From Beautiful People

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Mood music? A general question for all…do we put in music to fit our mood or do we listen to music and it sets our mood? I love the arts in all forms and I can’t define all the forms I have come across. Being a writer of course I am passionate about writing. I like the limitless places one can take a reader and all we need is the ability to describe our thoughts on paper.

Music however is beyond words and can convey in moments what may take chapters to describe for emotional content. A painting on the other hand is just what the cliché says, “worth a thousand words”. Sculpture is still another form but so often we cannot touch the art and often stand in awe but long to be nearer.

How we view art can be limited however. I am often drawn to people not because they are known for any “art form” our natural world recognizes but more for their own expression of art as they themselves see it. Sometimes these persons don’t even realize they are artistic. Food for instance, it is amazing how many people can approach food like art. Friendships too. Some people are just born to make friends but also make those friends feel special, not like they are part of some collection.

I guess to me, people themselves are art. How they live, how they interact and especially the many ways they give of themselves to the enjoyment of others. Yeah, I know not all of these expressions are beautiful but those who understand their gifting are the most beautiful creatures on earth.

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