Profitable Times

While reading a book this morning it was thought provoking on idolatry. We all know one of the ten commandments spoke of there being no other gods before Me, meaning our heavenly Father wants us to only worship Him.

I got to thinking about how easy it is to consistently fool ourselves with daily idols. Instead of spending time in the presence of the Lord I can dismiss that thought and turn on the television to watch something mindless. The dissatisfaction of this action later makes me irritated with myself that I wasted my precious time. This small example is but one of a dozen I could name in any given day.

It’s not very profitable for me to beat myself up over things I cannot change but it is rewarding to have my thoughts readjusted to recognize today is a brand new day and I have the opportunity to spend quality time with my Abba Father. I’m guaranteed this will surely be profitable.

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