2009 Dawning

The New Year has rolled around so we have a whole new calendar. 2009 is before us and there are questions for what we have in mind to do with our lives in this year. Many offer so called “New Year’s” resolutions which never last since we often make them in haste as temporary solutions to long term problems.

I have to say I myself haven’t even thought of these today. Somewhere in my life I have learned that anything worth doing is worth doing on the day you think of them rather than waiting for a new day to dawn.

I do think goals are valuable however so I will have to contemplate what things might be worthy to accomplish in this upcoming year. At the moment however I have nothing more in mind than making sure our fire stays warm and my husband is comfortable enough to relax on this rare day off from work.

Best wishes to those we love and have yet to meet in this new season of life.

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