Peace Out Attitude

Attitude in any given situation colors my world. Will it stink or will I choose to be okay? Well yesterday was tax day and since we owed the IRS a chunk of funds I would have to say my attitude could have been more but my confession is that at times overcoming a state of agitation can be a real chore. Sometimes it’s just easier to wallow in my irritation than choose to put that smile back in my heart.

I went home to write out the bills and determined that I would not let defeat overcome my heart. Since I was alone I couldn’t prod my husband unit into being my cheerleader, nope this time I was left to my own resources. The previous night someone had told me “the Lord is all around us and we are never alone”. Those words kept coming to mind so I found a song on my computer that sang those very words of reassurance. I set it to play over and over while I started to balance our books.

By the time I was done paying everything and making out that fat check for the IRS I was feeling pretty good. I smile writing this as no one ever feels good about giving money to the IRS but somewhere in listening to that music it sunk in about never being alone and the peace returned. Again, money didn’t matter. It will come and it will go. Today I was happy to have enough money for groceries and gas to get to work for the week. Peace out!

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  1. I feel like that too sometimes its easier to get real mad and just sit in your stink, but I’m learning it gets better over time to go straight to positive and use something to get thru it god, music, peace,.

  2. Its very good. I think its important important to focus or do what is necessary to focus on the good in life and the posititive keeping ourselves open to the Lords word. I think we need to train ourselves in mind, action and spirit when a negative thought touches us to switch our selves to the positive not allowing the negative to take root. I believe Prayer, Meditation, and Music are excellent ways to do this. These switching channels enable us to still ourselves to hear what is being said.

  3. Matthew 22: 21 “….Pay back Caesar’s things to Caesar, but God’s things to God”

    In our obedience to the law regarding taxes… we are in actuality being obedient to the Supreme Authority… God….and He in turn will take care of your needs… 😉

  4. I will have to remember to come and hear your heart and wisdom for inspiration with myself, life and walk with the Lord.

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