Mark This Day!

My son is responsible for pushing me where I needed to go next. It was time to move into the world beyond emailing my loving family and friends. They were deleting me anyway so this was inevitable! I have a destiny and it is beyond what I am capable of accomplishing on my own talents. I have a visual picture in my head I have had for quite a long time. I will describe for you how it first looked. I stood at the edge of a cliff and holding my arms out from my body on either side of me like a cross I simply fell backwards into what I visualized to be a set of hands cupped in anticipation of catching me. That vision has since changed. My surrender is one of boldness. I now see myself as running face first toward the edge of the cliff and thrusting myself full body into the great unknown. I no longer look for the cupped hands, I simply know they are there.

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  1. My dear friend – You have leaped off your cliffs edge…
    Treasures truly are of the heart – what gems we have with in ourselves, family and each other!!!!! Keep up the GREAT creating!

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