Eclectic Friends

My friends are eclectic for sure. In this moment I will have to keep their identities private, however I suspect as time goes on they will let me bust each of them out eventually. For now it’s enough that I share the uniqueness of having them in my life.

My best friend of course I tell all my tales to and we all know him as “husband unit”. Ssshhhh…..don’t tell anyone, but his name is Bobby. He is my least kept secret of course and holds me in the palm of his hand with the softest leash made under the sun. My Father knew I would kick and buck to death any who would try to tame me with a tight reign and so I married this man after the heart of Hosea. I didn’t appreciate the reality of that until some unnamed benefactor blessed me with a book I kept putting down in agitation while reading it.

My mentors are chicks whom I didn’t choose but instead they chose me and drew me in under the guise of a “dinner and a movie”! Of course I actually thought this would be “going out to a dinner and watching a movie”, I was very much mislead into a life-changing way of making friends. These “chicks” have since taught me what it means to be a friend and a woman of faith through all manner of laughter, tears and challenges. The wisdom poured out over me is a refreshing drink from a pool I continually long to swim in.

A more unique relationship is quite special and yet she knows not the respect I have for her. She has the most humble nature I have ever met. She is also one whom I could feel most comfortable to be around and be most uncomfortable to be with. She looks at me and I feel as though she is staring into my very soul. Her gifts are beyond my understanding and when I stand near her I feel like I am in the presence of one touched by holiness.

My greatest anchor is one who keeps me near reality and precious memories I thought would be too painful to remember. Instead they ground me in a place of learning and growing. Where I once thought I would leave behind who I was, instead I hold onto that rocky place so I can use it for a jumping off place into my true destiny.

There are so many people touching my life I want to write about all of them but this posting would go on for pages. Recalling days when I counted but few on my fingers for friends these are days of plenty.

My life has grown into something special beyond myself. I desire to sow and sow some more so that I may see what grows. Yes, in the shallow heart of myself it would be so I would see what may come but in the depths beyond what I can see, I long for my seeds to take great roots like those woods which grow tall and need a deep drink of water, living thousands of years.

My desire is not to brag of multiple friends but rather to share the changed life I exchanged. One from limited relationships with those who only wanted to use me to now having relationships that inspire me. Knowing only my friends are reading this today, I thank my Lord for all of you because I know that without Him I would not have known any of you.

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  1. I sit here with this sheepish grin that wont leave my face – thoughts of amazement, pride and witnessing the true inner person I have always known finally being able to crawl out of hiding. What a gift to relay your inner thoughts and feelings in writing. Mostly thank you for acknowledging and giving thanks for one of the most precious worldly gifts God blesses us with – FRIENDSHIP – You my dearest friend are are amazing !!!

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