Shoes Left Behind

My commute each morning is about 20-30 minutes and a touch longer if there is a jumble on the freeway. This gives me plenty of “thinking” time. I am sure each of you have your own variety of thoughts but let me just ask this one question…..where is the other shoe? Did you ever notice there is always a lonely shoe laying in the road somewhere? I can understand the small sizes as being the aftermath of a petulant child tossing his sneaker out the window in a fit of anger at mom or dad but the adult sized shoe just spins my head. Who loses their shoe on the freeway? It’s not like there are pedestrian crosswalks and someone just stepped out of their kicks. A petulant adult? Fine, but why not throw them both out the window and let someone play Frogger trying to collect that pair?
So what is it you think about on your commute?

2 Replies to “Shoes Left Behind”

  1. I LOVE the picture above the shoes!!!! It’s so beautiful!!!
    Sadly, I’ve thought of that other shoe and surmised the person might have been involved in an accident…….so many lost shoes….so many lost souls….then I picture them running barefoot in the meadows of Heaven with their Father….

  2. Your writing touchs me..Your seeds have already sprung strong roots which have begun to grow in many directions. First will come the branches in many directions through your journey. Then the blossoms will come as you gather the lost and show them the light through our Lords sight. Your heart is far from shallow, it is huge. How could it not be. You are sad over lost shoe’s? In reality your heart cries over lost souls. When I commute I observe the stillness as well as the bustle of the things I see and hear. I am as a sponge.

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