The Sapling

God planted a seed in good soil and watched over it. In time the seed sprouted, growing into a strong sapling tree. The sapling enjoyed the sun, stretching his limbs out to absorb every nutrient while his roots dug deeper into the ground where it had been planted. God had planted the sapling amongst other trees; some having healthy foliage while others appeared to be drier.

Butterflies flew in and out amongst these trees, feeding on the leaves. The butterflies would ask the trees for wisdom; how they managed to stay strong in and out of all seasons. The sapling listened intently to all of these conversations, longing to learn about longevity. The healthy trees spoke of needing to dig deep for water wells and how these would sustain them no matter the season. The trees that looked drier spoke more about the beauty of rain; whenever rain would come, they soaked in its deluge or even the mist. Nothing was more important to them than rain.

When the butterflies came to sit upon the sapling leaves, he questioned them to understand their observations. The butterflies fluttered with excitement to share. The sapling was amazed by the simplicity of their answer. No eggs were left to cocoon upon the dry trees as they could not be trusted to provide sustenance needed for their precious children.

God smiled upon the sapling with His ray of sunshine.

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