Ladder Rungs

I knew I needed to use the ladder. This ladder had been leaning against the house I loved for a long time, but I was afraid of heights. Overcoming my fears, I climbed the first few rungs wondering if the footing of this ladder was on even ground. Staying still for a long while, I eventually reached out on either side to be sure it would hold, testing its stability. Assured of its firm position I began to brush away dirt clinging to the walls. Years and elements had begun to overlay a dinge, covering its real beauty.

The longer I stood on these few rungs, the more assured I became this ladder would not give way. I felt confident to move higher, continuing to brush away dirt with diligence. In the background I could hear a phone begin to ring. I debated climbing down off the ladder in order to go answer because its ringing was almost agitating. Looking down at my feet I hesitated but remembering how often it was an automated message I dismissed the distraction. Taking my eyes off my feet I looked up once more and continued to brush away the dinge. I could trust my closest friends to come get me if I needed to come down off the ladder.

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