Open Invitation

“How do we seduce them? We can only live inside them if they invite us to come in. What would make them open up their homes to us; open up their very minds and hearts?”

The one speaking had a twisted form as though ridden with cancerous tumors. He’d been around since the millennium, biding his time in between physical hosts. He liked hiding within the beauty of a created body, reminding him of a time when he too was beautiful. Evil had twisted him. Anger and rage swirling inside of him as he looked upon these forms of creation.

The companion didn’t answer too fast. He too was looking at the created beings they wanted to own from within. His appearance was everything ugly and he emanated a dank smell of disease. His outer skin was reptile like with eyes so dark as to be bottomless. He had an idea.

“The parents protect their young ones from us, but I see an opening. After dinner each night they allow them to watch television for hours. Let’s manipulate one of the programs we already rule. We will tell these young ones how fun it would be to have a pet friend living inside them. We will even give them an incantation to speak openly. Once they offer the invitation, we will be free to enter.”

Looking at each other the companions nodded in agreement, hovering closer to the created ones of beauty. It was time to wait for night to come. Anticipation filled them for their new bodies. School would be starting soon and they would again have access to hundreds more.

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