Moving Forward

“Not going back I’m moving ahead
I’m here to declare to you my past is over in You
All things are made new surrendered my life to Christ
I’m moving, moving forward
What a moment You have brought me to
Such a freedom I have found in You
You’re the Healer who makes all things new”  *

It takes courage to move forward. To learn how to do things in a new way isn’t always comfortable. So many of us try to keep our footing in two worlds. We walk in the natural although we are spiritual beings. Where we often falter is living like “those of the world” while also desiring to seek the higher calling. We compromise a little here, a little there just so we won’t be “extremely different”.

What does it cost to be different? Why are we so afraid of different? Is the fear to not have others approve of us so extreme we’d compromise our eternal future? I absolutely want to help others in this world, but to be of any use to them, I first have to take my foot out of it. My compromising won’t help them, only hinder. It’s time to move forward.

* Lyrics Moving Forward by Israel Houghton

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