Even In The Darkest Of Nights

Sitting in the backseat I listened to my friends sharing their hearts. The good, the bad and even the ugly. Nothing inside of me was disturbed by the details. Life can be less than glamorous, even quite messy.

Closing my eyes, I think upon the truth in the moment I had shared. I had been invited closer; closer to these friends through their lives and experiences. Later as I followed them to a freeway exit I realized what a work was being done within me. I had no clue where I was as I watched their tail lights but I was in perfect peace. I trusted them, I trusted their hearts.

More is to come for the hour we share. Our Father draws us together for His purposes. He is pulling our hearts to beat together in unity. He will not be denied. I refuse to resist. I must go where He leads even in the darkest of nights.

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