Medic, Medic, We Need A Medic!

“You look like… a perfect fit,
For a girl in need… of a tourniquet.
But can you save me?
Come on and save me…
If you could save me,
From the ranks of the freaks,
Who suspect they could never love anyone”  *

“Medic, medic, we need a medic!” Another person lays bleeding out on the gurney where life is lived. Hope drains, trust erodes, faith wanes. “Where is that medic?”

We hear a still small voice within us to say, “Ask for help”

Inside ourselves we respond to say, “Hasn’t my life shown I need help? Don’t you get it? Do I really need to spell it out for anyone?”

Our prideful response blocks help and we continue to bleed out. “So this is how it happens huh? I lay here to fade away into nothingness. Dear God, I really am not ready, I don’t want to die! Help me”

The still small voice responds, “I only needed Your permission. Now let’s get started!”

* Lyrics Aimee Mann, Save Me

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