One Of Those Days

“It’s been one of those days” he said. Without further explanation for what he meant, I just got it. I often think about what has been said long after I’ve left people and conversations. One of those days generally expresses “less than great”.

Being a lover of Jesus, I am often confronted with the curiosity of those who are looking for a religious expression of what that means. Somewhere in their background they have learned a lie about God. They either think He will prevent any problems to ever come into your life, or else they think Him a mean and judgmental figure. Many who think the latter often have some picture in their head of a grumpy old man with a really big magnifier, burning ants in the sun rays.

My friend was simply being honest. He was having less than a great day. I knew what he meant because my own situations try to make things less than great. Still I smiled and nodded wherein he did the same. Nothing further needed to be said. We were where we needed to be, in the center of truth, hope, justice and love. With another friend, we celebrated the goodness of God’s grace despite our current circumstance.

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