Ring Of Fire

Days earlier I had been at a house where a stove flame would not properly burn without the rings needed to disperse the fire adequately. My mind kept going back to that scene over and over as I stood in this circle with fellow believers. The circle we stood in felt important, especially as we held hands; it was an unbroken ring. Again, I heard “blue fire” but I wasn’t comfortable to speak aloud about this word or any visions so I remained quiet. Prayers were being offered and I tried to concentrate for what was being spoken but my spirit was coaxing me to forget about my fears and speak.

I ask my Father often for the ability to obey without question but then I find myself arguing to do what I’m prompted to. (Just a truth being worked out in me.) Our circle did not break and my discomfort shifted quickly from my not wanting to speak to not wanting to disobey. Finally I shared with this group a word I’d already shared with others about “blue fire” and a brief explanation, as shared with me, about the blue to represent more purification in each of us in the body of Christ.

The Lord was gracious to let us all hear laughter in that moment. One of the women in our circle shared how once we had joined our hands, she had been given a vision of a blue flame that had went around our circle. More prayers were offered and we grew silent listening to the worship music playing in the background….“Who will let me be a ring of fire around them?”sang out…we took note of this; it wasn’t coincidence.

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