I Want You To Want Me

I lay on my couch and the world around me was quiet for a change. Peace had found me in a restful state and my mind was silent. I could hear the sounds of worship music softly playing. Closing my eyes I knew I had found rest for my soul.

I began to hear a song but it wasn’t playing on any stereo, it was coming out of my own catalog of memories. Only two lines played over and over, “I want you to want me, I’d love you to love me”. Opening my eyes I smiled knowingly. Although this was my heart song to my Father, today it was my Father singing it back to me.

My heart felt overfilled and I asked the question of Him, “how can I want or love you more?” His answer was simple…..

(Message) John 14:15 If you love me, show it by doing what I’ve told you

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