That’s Some Good Magic!

In my hunt for a new journal, a woman began talking to me, sharing her love for good pens. Further discussion led her to share her name and her interests with me. She was an artist and invited me to come see the art studio sometime.

The more we talked the more I could hear of her heart. Her passion was art but underneath she had doubts for how good she really was. I was surprised to hear her wisely express that although she didn’t feel she was the best, her need to keep using her talent seemed important to her. Her words faltered as she tried to explain why this was a key in her life.

I asked if she had ever heard the parable of the talents from the bible. She hadn’t but wanted to know about it. I shared the parable in plain speak and just before I could finish someone interrupted us. She waited for the distraction to pass and anxiously asked me, “So what happened?” at which point I finished.

Sensing she wanted something more, I asked her for her hands. She looked at me curiously but handed them to me. Holding them in mine I shared with her the hope for her future while looking her in the eyes. Asking her a specific question about her art, I was honest to let her know the Lord was showing it to me. She took a step back and her eyes looked surprised. Her answer was yes to my question, so I continued to share what I was to speak to her.

When I was done she had a huge grin on her face. “That’s some good magic!” she said a couple times. I laughed knowing it wasn’t me that needed to explain the power of Jesus. He’d do that Himself for her.

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