What’s Your Dream?

A line from the movie Pretty Woman, “What’s your dream? Everybody comes here; this is Hollywood, land of dreams…”

The setting is brilliant actually. A street person is asking this question of all who pass by. He’s asking a question each are in the process of trying to live. The movie set may be fiction but the facts are real. The whole world is captivated by a place that makes dreams into a visual reality, at least for a brief time on film.

As I get the chance to listen to more people, I find a lack of dreams. It’s not that they don’t still have them, but it’s more they feel a need “not to get their hopes up”. This is so dangerous to ourselves and to our society. When we live cautiously (and I don’t mean carelessly), we become fearful of doing those things that are outside of the box. We quit stretching to be innovative or inventive. Basically we quit being exciting and fun. We become obsolete!

No one need move to Hollywood to live in the land of dreams. We merely dare to dream again. Dreams birth ideas, hope and excitement. What we do with those dreams is where the reality begins for each of us.

One Reply to “What’s Your Dream?”

  1. I am going to sit down right now and write down my dreams. I do not want to become obsolete! I want to be exciting and fun!

    Thanks for the encouragement to do the things that were planned for us even before we were in our mother’s womb, we call them dreams, God calls them our destiny!

    Keep writing Deb, you are inspiring with what I’m sure was a dream at one time, to write thought provoking blogs! I love it, thank you and thank God for a dream he gave you <3

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