Moment In May

The month of May has been surprisingly cool but I haven’t been complaining. I donned a coat and left early to see the morning come to fruition in a place I could find solitude and beauty in the view. For all the ways I try to be alone, it’s never loneliness I seek.

Finding a place to sit upon the hillside, I looked again over a city I love. I could feel my eyes tear up for reasons beyond my natural understanding. Removing my sun glasses, I looked into the distance of clouds. Seeing a sole bird soaring without effort I merely watched this figure feeling the wetness upon my cheek. Eventually it dripped down upon my shoe.

I had a journal with me and opened the pages to try and write. What few words I could put in ink didn’t capture the truth of the moment I was living. Each time I’d look away from my efforts, the wind would whip in gusts to turn the paper. I finally closed my book, realizing I needed to just capture the moment for what it was and not try to write about it.

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