Hungry Heart Denial

The hungry heart is in all of us…denial is futile but still we go about our lives searching for substitutes of that deeper thing, don’t we? How you feed yourself in this area is personal and I get that, but it’s no secret. Everyone around you can see the way you feed your craving, just so you know. Ask your friends, and if you have healthy relationships, feel free to ask your family. None will hold back. Most are anxious to point out your short-comings for sure. Before you ask, prepare your heart….”do you really want to know?” When you hear those answers….”what will you do next?” I figure if you are willing to ask, then perhaps you are searching for something more than substitutions for love.

Can’t Hide Love – (Earth, Wind & Fire)

You want my love and you can’t deny

You know it’s true but you try to hide

You turn down love like it’s really bad

You can’t give what you never had

Well bless your soul, you can fool a few

I know the truth, now so do you

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