What Favor Looks Like Today?

The sunshine came through today, shoving aside all “gray matter” that had seemed to be stealing away my joy. For fun I rolled down the windows of my car before getting on the freeway. Fresh air pushed staleness out. I turned up my stereo to blast away a resounding “tell me something good; tell me that you love me”.

Arriving home I was surprised by a lack of leaves in my front yard. They had been choking my lawn but the weather hadn’t been amiable to do anything about them. I was even more impressed with the fact my lawn was mowed. Although I hadn’t heard from my husband, he hadn’t indicated he would be off work early. I wondered if he wanted to surprise me, but I didn’t see his truck.

Walking up the sidewalk I could hear a lawnmower from the neighbor’s backyard. It dawned upon me the manicure was a gift not of our own making. A conversation later confirmed this. I was left humbled once again about the very goodness I am always in awe of. I hadn’t even offered up a prayer for this chore need. “So this is what favor looks like today?” I thought.

Pro 8:35  For whoever finds me finds life, And obtains favor from the LORD

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