What would the world be without mystery? I doubt many of us would enjoy ourselves if we always knew every answer and outcome. Questions pose for us the opportunity to seek out the mystery, and we often enjoy the search beyond even finding our answers. This is the very reason game shows have been, and still are, such a popular enjoyment to the public. They want to know the answers to the questions asked! Even when little prize money is to be had they stay tuned in because they want to know if their own answers are correct.

Mystery is the ultimate plot to write fiction or make a movie. We long to know the ending, but do you ever notice how short lived that satisfaction is? It’s not long before we are searching again for another mystery to be solved, no matter what the media or life issue. Even gossip functions on this level. People just want to know answers.

The desire to ask questions is a gift and the seeking of deeper mysteries will never be without fulfillment.

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