When The Walls Come Tumbling Down

I have to say I know what it means to “hit the wall”. Perhaps it means something different to all of us, but the impact remains the same for description. A place where we feel we cannot go any further, we feel blocked and hindered. Some look at this as emotional, financial, relational or even spiritual. No matter the wall, it just feels impassable.

I keep thinking I need to resurvey my own walls. Why do they feel insurmountable and how come I let them block my path? Walls can be so intimidating. One of the “seven wonders of the world” is the Great Wall of China. Every famous castle of note to history had serious walls of protection. To this day even, stands the most famous Wailing Wall from the age of Solomon. Although this wall seems less about hindrance and more about hope, it’s still curious to wonder why “a wall”?

More interesting though are walls once thought to be impenetrable, yet they fell. Most famously in recent history was the Berlin Wall. In most ancient history would be the walls of Jericho. This is a wall I notice most because it’s the one to fall with the least effort to my natural eye of understanding. I may be oversimplifying the matter but history speaks of horns and trumpets.

I think those walls fell because Joshua’s heart was resonating God’s frequency. What wall could stand up to God’s love, justice or righteousness? All would and should crumble. To this day our own walls can come down from the same impacting character of our Savior.

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