Generous Thoughts

What is generosity? I wondered because someone called my husband and I generous, yet we felt as though we hadn’t really done much of anything to deserve such a compliment. We shared a meal, our hearts, some music and extra items which had been hanging out in the garage. These seemed so little in light of what you would think generous to be.

I’d love to sign over a car to someone in need of transportation. I’d love to pay someone’s bills for a year while they healed of injury. I’d love to fly someone across the world so they could spend a week with family they haven’t seen in years. These are my thoughts of generosity but I keep getting schooled in this area about how others see generosity.

My education comes in learning that generosity is not about the material world, as wonderful as that can be to help others. I am learning that my life can be a generous gift to others as I give it away. To set aside my own agenda and spend time with someone who may need some company. To invite someone to share a meal who misses eating with others. To encourage another with smiles and laughter as they tell you their thoughts.

I never realized how easy it was to be generous. If this is what generous is than I look forward to giving away everything I have.

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