Fenced In Garbage

It was early and wanting to get out of the room I headed out to the car with my bag. Taking my headset out of my back pack, I listened to some tunes while enjoying the morning. Looking around me this was not the most scenic place in the world to be. Still it was good to be outside and I bopped along to my music wondering at God’s love for me.

I had an urge to write and went back to the car grabbing my journal and pen. I was enjoying my private moment in this public place as words poured onto the pages. I stopped walking for a moment steadying my book in hand and I smelled garbage. It wasn’t overpowering but it just didn’t belong in this moment. Closing my journal I took a closer look around me at everything, especially the fence in front of me.

Through the twisted wire I could see open space leading to a busy road where cars were traveling on their various journeys. This fence would not allow me to go any further than this parking lot where trash was being piled up behind a nearby wall. I wondered about this as I paced back and forth. Stopping for a moment, I reached out my hand to grab this fence, testing its strength.

I started to wonder about its lie. Although it felt strong to the touch and threatened to keep me bound here next to the trash, inside I knew I could escape its confinement. I could easily overcome this limitation and walk in the freedom of open spaces. I looked at the road again and smiled. Even from behind this fence I knew I wasn’t going to stay here and soon I’d be on my way….

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