Spending My Passion

Yesterday surprised me with its chilly air but I put on some layers and went to Davis with a friend to check out the farmer’s market. My favorite days are the kind where I am free to do whatever comes my way. There was something so relaxing to feeling the sun’s warmth on me in the car and have a window down to feel the cool breeze. I didn’t have to drive so I was free to let my whole being just be in the moment.

One of the more interesting observations I made was at a booth where yarn was for sale, but not like anything I’ve seen in the chain stores. There were hats being sold made from wool that looked so soft. On one of the hats was an image of a lamb you could only see if you were looking for it.

Behind the table was an elderly woman working a spinning wheel. Her eyes did not look up to see me or anyone else for that matter. She was quite old and it was obvious she gave all of herself into making this yarn and the clothing items. The beauty of her clothes took on a unique quality when I understood how much of her passion went into making these.

I walked away from her thinking about passion. The passion of really giving yourself fully to what you love, all the things you love to do, all the people you love. I want to live a passionate life where I hold nothing back in reserve but have spent myself completely.

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