Chipmunk Voices Out Of The Stereo

My car usually has a dozen or more cds at any given time for reasons that are obvious when one commutes. A couple weeks back however odd things started happening with my stereo. It seemed to have a mind of its own and would start fast forwarding songs at chipmunk voice speed.

I thought I’d live with it for a while and threw my backup mp3 deck under the seat with a set of buds if I got desperate. My husband drove this weekend and flat out told me, “this is unacceptable!” I have to say it amused me. I adore the side of him that is so decisive and confident.

I had to catch a ride home today since he took my car to go handle business. There was a time not that long ago I would have agonized about not being the one to make choices and decisions but I have to admit there is much relief at not having to deal with the store scene. My commute tomorrow ought to be interesting….

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